Here are a few of our client’s comments about our accounting services…

Tom Dunn is a life saver regarding every avenue of your business. I’ve had bookkeepers, supposed “accountants” and none have ever come close to the professionalism, confidence and just the ease of knowing your business is getting the absolute best team to help your company thrive.

I’ve never recommended anyone ever, but feel he has the team to help anyone in business with an outstanding reputation!
Thanks, Jill Segal, owner of Jillys Cupcake Bar & Cafe…

Jill Segal, Jilly’s cupcake & ice cream bar

We have had Tom as our CPA for over 4 years. He is a CPA that genuinely cares about the small business owners he serves. His knowledge and advice are invaluable and we are grateful to have a CPA of this quality in our court. We also consider Tom to be a friend and believe him to be one of the most honorable people we know.

Dana P., Cleaning and Restoration Company

I couldn’t be happier with the services Tom Dunn, CPA has provided. He and his team provide excellent service. I have been with Tom for 2 years now and I am very satisfied.

Don B., Law Offices of Baerveldt

Using Tom Dunn, CPA for my business and personal accounting needs has been amazing. I now have the confidence that my personal and business life are in perfect financial order. This works out great when talking to a bank, buying another business or dealing with the IRS. I no longer dread “Tax Time” with Tom Dunn CPA firm handling my books and tax fillings. I can finally focus on my business and not my books.

Having a professional accounting firm like Tom Dunn, CPA handling our books has been great. Having up to-to-date financials that can be quickly submitted for review has helped us to bring in large contracts and negotiate better terms with our suppliers. Tom Dunn, CPA Firm has literally paid for themselves. They have finally taken the headache out of book keeping and taxes.

After running a small business for over a decade, I can say that Tom Dunn, CPA is one of the rare accounting firms that knows about small businesses and their many needs. Tom has the knowledge and experience to make sure you are not derailed by an unforeseen business situation.

They are the only full service professional accounting firm for small businesses that I have come across in my 10 years of running my company. Do NOT trust your future to a guy starting out in his garage or a huge firm where you are only a number.

Mike Schaub, Battery Distributor

Tom Dunn provides consulting and accounting services he developed at the large corporate level and tailored that experience to fit small businesses. Anyone who owns a small business understands having to do multiple jobs within their own business. Tom’s group takes the accounting role “off your plate” and provides you the necessary services to help grow your business.

Craig G, Electronic Restoration Co.

In 2005, we were desperate to have a good CPA prepare our taxes. We were lost and stuck with an accountant that didn’t know what he was doing.  Tom looked at years of taxes done by our previous CPA and was able amend them and save us $25,000!

Besides accounting Tom has helped us grow our business and personal lives by mentoring us at our weekly meeting. He takes a holistic approach to accounting. He looks at more than just the numbers. Tom has helped us grow in our personal and business lives.  He changed the lives of myself, wife and children and that is not exaggeration.

We had nothing when we started with Tom and know we are on the road to success!


Bob, Strait Group

Tom Dunn, CPA has changed my business from being a small confused business to an efficient, high earning business. He has helped me by saving me money each year on my taxes. He even reviewed the  previous years taxes done by other CPAs and was able to save me thousands of dollars. He helps me manage my time and takes care of my HR.  I highly recommend Tom and I would like to offer my personal cell to anyone that needs a reference.


Christina , Strait Reality

Tom has helped me set up a game plan right from the start. We meet one time per week and he is always on time, professional and flexible with his schedule on the occasion I need to change our appointment.

Tom handles my taxes, payroll and personal finances and always meets my needs. We have worked together for 4 years now and it has been a very beneficial relationship for me and my business. He cares about my business and personal thoughts. We work very well together to grow my business.

JR, Absolute Granite

Tom has been instrumental in our financial organization and our company’s growth strategy. Tom is a pleasure to work with and is an invaluable asset to our company.

Sander C, Absolute Stone

Tom has honestly changed our business and lives. What he has done/currently does extends well beyond just accounting. I don’t want to discount how great he and his team are on the administrative side, but for me, his guidance has been the most beneficial part of our relationship.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we all know we’re a little bit crazy to do what we do and Tom has helped me harness that crazy part of my personality to be productive. He understands that his role goes well beyond just the ones and zeros because we all live and breathe our businesses.

I also work with small businesses and regularly recommend Tom to my clients because looking back, we were at a crossroads when we first met Tom and choosing to work with him was absolutely the correct path. No doubt we would not be nearly as successful without his help.

Ryan McMullen, St. Louis Marketing Lab

Tom has made accounting easy. He has helped expand my business with ease. He is extremely accurate and detail-oriented. The personal relationship we maintain by meeting once a week keeps me current and on track. Tom is extremely accessible and I can make appointments with him easily. I highly recommend him.

Harry, Machine Elite Basketball Academy

Dear Tom,

Happy Thanksgiving. You are an Angel for Meri. God bless you and your family. With respect and love.


Nana G,

Dear Tom,

Thank you so very much for your kindness, wisdom and support over the last year! You were our lighthouse in the midst of a turbulent storm!

Thank you for all you do for so many!

Kindest regards,


Lynn & Steve D,

Tom has handled my personal and business finances for 1 ½ years and it is a beautiful marriage. We meet once a week and I feel good about my finances and where I am financially. He has given me peace of mind. I can finally sleep at night!

He is professional and detail-oriented. He does not cut corners and he does not fudge the numbers. He does a great job for the small business owner for a very reasonable fee.

As an added bonus, he has attorneys in his office that can help with any legal documents you need for your business or personal needs for a reduced fee. It’s a one stop shop.

Lisa M., Ebay business

Tom has managed our finances in a way that has saved us money for our school. He is very efficient, prompt and has very good suggestions. Tom provides excellent financial guidance.

Ann D., Education

Being a small business owner I need to spend the lion’s share of my time acquiring new business and providing great service to our customers. I have limited time to deal with the administrative side of the business. Tom Dunn and his people handle the side of the business that in the past has engulfed to much of my time making it difficult to grow new business and keep existing customers coming back.

Tom offers insight into how and why we should make business decisions. Tom Dunn Accounting Services acts as part of the business wanting us to succeed, not just a bookkeeper.

Don O'Daniel, Blue Leaf Book Scanning

When an opportunity presents itself that seems too good to be true, we are inclined to dismiss it as being deceptive. Infrequently, though, such an opportunity is what it seems to be. If you run a small business, you probably spend several hours per week paying bills and you hire an accountant at the going rate to fill out payroll and all quarterly and yearly tax returns with the meter running. If you call your accountant with a question that requires research, you are probably billed for his/her time. How would you like to pay a reasonable fixed monthly retainer for all accounting services including writing all checks and unlimited consultation?

Hours of your time would be freed up and you would feel like you have your own knowledgeable business consultant. Tom Dunn CPA Firm has created the unique concept of “personal CFO”. Tom’s experience as CFO for a multibillion dollar corporation has enabled him to configure the business model of a large corporation to small businesses. He quickly adapts to the intricacies of your business and allows you to transfer much of your effort to him. Tom also holds all your important documents. If a personal, family or business problem occurs which affects the smooth operation of your business, Tom is there to help facilitate a solution. The range of his services defies strict definition. I have greatly benefited from Tom Dunn’s services and recommend him to small business owners.

Stephen Snitzer, DMD

I’ve made some good decisions when starting my business. And I’ve make some bad decisions. Bringing Tom on board allowed me to minimize missteps, build the business efficiently, and build infrastructure and sales much more rapidly than doing it on my own. Tom is a great sounding board for my ideas and offers innovative ideas of his own to help direct me. He’s wonderful with the accounting but even more masterful as a small business consultant. I offer my full endorsement and would be happy to discuss this with anyone considering his services.

Ron Borgschulte, Partners in Medicine

I have once again verified that hindsight IS 20/20. I find myself today saying, “Why didn’t I hire Tom Dunn, CPA sooner?” As a business owner I fell into that trap of thinking I was saving money by doing it all myself. That could not be further from the truth. In reality a smart business owner needs to be an effective manager. Tom has helped me do just that.

With his expertise and advice my business is thriving and I am almost stress free! Allowing Tom to take over the financial administration of my business has allowed me to spend my time doing what I do best – servicing my current clients and attaining new ones. I never have wanted to do the tracking of expenses, payroll, taxes, etc. that comes with owning a business and I do not miss it a bit. Also, Tom is much better at it! So, my hindsight epiphany – I am saving & making more money by hiring out an expert to handle the things I do not want to do or am not truly qualified to do. I also have more peace of mind and you cannot put a dollar amount on that. Thank you Tom!

Elaine Mahr, Farmers Insurance