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We have designed a proactive business model and process that has been tested and proven effective for decades to help you save money. Our process allows us to achieve greater efficiency and savings through best accounting practices and honest tax-saving strategies.

We work proactively with you to minimize lost opportunities and to create an efficient administrative structure with great attention to detail to make sure non-compliance costs and fees are avoided.

We are a skilled group of accounting and tax experts that truly cares about your success and bottom line.

Many business owners believe they are saving money by handling their own accounting, tax, bookkeeping, and payroll functions, but this usually ends up being the most expensive solution in the end. The truth is an affordable and properly engaged accountant can often provide more savings than the fees they charge for these services.

At the Dunn CPA Firm, this is the principal goal we have for every client engagement.

The Dunn CPA Firm offers complete outsourcing opportunities that will ensure your accounting, tax, bookkeeping, and payroll functions will be professional and affordable, completed with real cost savings in mind.

Many of our new clients come to us looking for advice and solutions for their current issues; we have over 260 combined years of expert experience solving complex accounting, business and tax issues.

Schedule a no-cost personal consultation with one of our CPA partners today, so we can help you quickly get back on track.

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