Our Commitment

Tom Dunn

We never abandon our clients, no matter how difficult your situation becomes.  I can not tell you how many times one of our client’s got buried so far under their situation that they just wanted to quit and run away.

Whether it is new business ventures, IRS, Federal/State/Local Government, family, or something we haven’t seen before, we will always be by your side to help in any way we can.

Once your a client your always a client, even if you have moved on.  In this day and age this statement seems implausible.  This is exactly how we choose to act.

The rest of the world may choose to go at each other’s throats to get ahead, but we chose a different path.  Until you talk with Tom and others in the firm, you won’t believe this to be true, but it is.

Unusual passion for our client’s success, because we have been there.  Tom and others in the firm have all run small businesses.  We know through personal experience just how hard it is to balance a business, family, and aspirations.

Tom Dunn CPA Firm will work diligently for your interests.  We will proactively work on your account with the goal of staying ahead of problems and routine administrative needs (i.e. tax fillings, payroll, payroll taxes, etc…).

Walking in to your weekly meeting, with St. Louis’s Best CPA, will be a pleasure.  Due to our commitment your bookkeeping, payroll, tax filings, local government filings, state government filings and more will all be done for you.

You will have the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that St. Louis’s Best CPA is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

In the end, we hope to deliver far greater cost savings than our services cost.  To find out more contact us for a free sit down consultation with Tom Dunn CPA.  He is St. Louis’s Best CPA winning award after award.  Let us leverage our knowledge and experience for your benefit.  Call us today!


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