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Become a St. Louis Accounting Firm Partner

Before you invest your life savings (and then some) on starting your own CPA Firm from the ground up, consider becoming a Dunn CPA Firm partner. Take advantage of all the perks and monetary reward that having your own practice offers, without the hassle or logistics that come along with starting your own business.

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The Dunn CPA Firm Difference

At Dunn CPA Firm we operate at the highest level and we’re inviting you to, not only be a part of our talented accounting team, but to take ownership.

Why Partner With Dunn CPA:

An established and reputable accounting firm in the St. Louis area for over 20 years.

We have acquired awards and accolades, celebrating the quality of service we provide our clients. We take a lot of pride in our work, are hungry for the next big thing and looking for a bright person to carry us into the future.

Our team is looking to expand and is interested in not only bringing on a talented certified public accountant, but an eager CPA with an entrepreneurial spirit.


Having started our journey over 2 decades ago, we have encountered all of the hardships associated with starting your own business. Not only have we encountered growing pains, but more importantly, we’ve endured them.

A Helping Hand

While there are certainly perks associated with starting your own practice, there are equal parts (if not more) that make that rise to stability a trying and arduous path. From first hand experience, our roster of tenured accountants have withstood all of the uncertainty, volatility, monetary investments and administrative headaches the startup world comes with, so that you don’t have to. We’re ready, not just to hire another accountant to join our team, but to bring someone on who is looking to make a splash, take ownership, share ideas and contribute to the future of our firm.

Stay involved

Naturally there are ups and downs in entrepreneurship. Starting your own firm, curating a brand, nurturing a loyal client base and establishing a renowned reputation are all paramount to the success and continued success of a growing organization. Dunn CPA has endured all of the aforementioned (and then some) so that you don’t have to. Share in the benefits of owning your own firm without the headache, uncertainty, risk or monetary investment of manifesting a healthy foundation.

Become a partner at the Dunn CPA Firm

Let’s work together to customize a plan that fits your personal goals.

At the Dunn CPA Firm, we are eager to find the next motivated, hungry, brilliant and refined individual to share in the successes of our established practice.

Incur all of the benefits without any of the risk or investment by starting with a conversation. Book an appointment with Dunn CPA Firm today to iron out your future in our ever evolving and expanding practice!

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