Proactive Accounting

Best practice demands a proactive accounting. Staying current with the ever-changing tax codes and providing maximum benefit for our clients is core to The Tom Dunn CPA Firm.

Our CPA partners will meet with you weekly to monthly to learn about and stay in step with your business and be your personal tax, accounting, and business growth partner. This includes planning, strategy, and ongoing guidance.

A proactive approach to accounting is extremely vital to small business owners, midsized companies, individuals, families, trusts, and nonprofits, as it often can mean the difference between success and failure.

tom dunn meeting with male client

Many of our new clients come to us looking for advice and solutions for their current issues; we have over 260 combined years of expert experience solving complex accounting, business and tax issues.

Schedule a no-cost personal consultation with one of our CPA partners today, so we can help you quickly get back on track.

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