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According to the Wall St. Journal, most tax codes change every 9 months, so how can you possibly be expected to keep up with the IRS AND run your day-to-day business?

Our tax service is specifically designed for individuals, small and mid-sized business owners, non-for-profits, and families.

IRS Trouble
We understand how the IRS works, their myriad deadlines, notices, penalties and how stressful that can be on you. We will get you back on track so you won’t have to worry every day when you check your mail.

Do NOT try to handle an IRS Audit by yourself.  The IRS has broad powers and any interaction with them needs to be taken seriously and done professionally.  An example of their broad power is how the courts have ruled many times that the IRS can disallow any expense without supporting documentation.

If you have compliance problems with the IRS, you could be an IRS Notice away from bankruptcy.  Let us help you with a sit down discussion with Tom Dunn CPA.  It is absolutely free with no obligations for sitting down and talking with Tom Dunn CPA.  Call us at 314-500-1200 or fill out the Contact Form on the right side of each page.

Small and mid-sized businesses are family affairs. Your business and personal finances are closely intertwined, so you need a professional who gets that relationship. Trusting the wrong accountant to mindlessly crank out tax returns with no understanding of the entire picture will ultimately cost you time and money to correct their mistakes.

We don’t work with big corporations who hire armies of accountants with little thought to budget. We work with small and mid-sized business owners who are very aware of not only the family they are feeding, but the families of those working for them. Tom Dunn CPA Firm has created a service that is totally customized for your business and affordable.

How do we do it so affordably? Simple. We handle tax situations for individuals, small businesses, and non-for-profits all day every day.  When we bill our clients we bill based upon the actual work we do, not how much money we think we can get out of our client.  That is one of the reasons why we receive so many referrals and testimonials from our clients.

Small Sample of our Tax Service:

  • Tax Representation to assist with audits and notices
  • Tax Planning Strategies
  • Business Entity Strategies
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Ongoing Review – if you employ us as your accountants


“In 2005, we were desperate to have a good CPA prepare our taxes. We were lost and stuck with an accountant that didn’t know what he was doing. Tom looked at years of taxes done by our previous CPA and was able to amend them and save us $25,000!

Besides accounting Tom has helped us grow our business and personal lives by mentoring us at our weekly meeting. He takes a holistic approach to accounting. He looks at more than just the numbers. Tom has helped us grow in our personal and business lives. He changed the lives of myself, wife and children and that is not exaggeration.

We had nothing when we started with Tom and now know we are on the road to success!”

-Bob, Strait Group



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