Find Your Superpower: The Secrets to Starting a Small Business

Do you want to start a business? Then tap into your Superpower, figure out how your superpower brings value and service to others, and use your laser focus abilities to make it happen!

For 90% of the U.S. population, it is easier to collect a regular paycheck through a W-2, than it is to be self-employed or be a business owner with employees. Many people are content living in a situation where work is simply a J-O-B and not a career. People are willing to stick it out in unfilling jobs where they are stuck in a cubicle, are micromanaged and live for the weekends.

Don’t you want to feel like Superman, the Man of Steel, who is always challenged with the next situation that tests his abilities to solve a problem creatively?

I believe that everyone has a Superman or Supergirl inside them. They just need the courage to act.

The US economy is performing well now. Regardless of economic conditions, today’s business world will eliminate middle-management jobs because technology will eliminate the need for those jobs in the future.

When times are tough, it will be difficult to find a new job equivalent to the one you currently have. That isn’t being pessimistic that is being realistic. For many who have gone through a layoff, they usually find a better job or start a business because it is usually the right time. If you want to start a business, now is a great time to do so because the economy is strong and your opportunity to get a head start on the competition is keen. Starting a business doesn’t mean you need to quit your current job. It means that you can start a side hustle and grow it to a point where it will need your full attention. In other words, now is the time to find your superhero power and figure out how to bring value and service to others. You’ll be compensated well if you go into any business always thinking about the value and service you bring to others to make their lives better and easier.

So where do you begin harnessing your talent and your entrepreneurial passion? Let’s start with some facts about the future of the U.S. workforce:

  • People are living longer and in many cases are working longer
  • People are not saving enough for retirement and could outlive their savings.
  • The model of the W-2 employee is rapidly changing and more companies are outsourcing all levels of work from administrative tasks to C-level decisions. It won’t be unusually for the number of individuals growing as freelancers in the gig economy to outpace the number of people hired to work for companies.

The smart play and motivation is for people to start their own business and better position yourself for the future of either the next recession or the changing landscape of the workforce.

What you need to remember is that you are in control of your company, your career, and your own destiny. This translates into more happiness in the long-run and the secret to this is tapping into your superpower. The hard part is the work on getting where you want to go. That is the case with everything in life. It takes hard work to have anything meaningful in life from a relationship with a loved one and staying in shape, to managing your finances well to mapping out your career path.

Part of being a small business owner is knowing that you can’t do everything yourself. You need a team of superheroes around you like a good business attorney, wealth advisor, accountant, and business insurance professional.

Some people start small businesses out of necessity and others simply do it out of desire. Knowing what your superpower is and how you can bring value and service to as many people as possible is just the beginning.  You own it and its success depends on you!

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