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October 4, 2012, St. Louis, MO…The Tom Dunn Accounting Firm announces new proactive accounting solutions for small and medium business, helping St. Louis business owners prepare their 2012 tax returns.

Tom Dunn has over 25 years of experience as a CPA and is a small business accounting and tax expert. This Fall is a crucial time for small business owners to make sure they have their business and accounting in order so they can take full advantage of tax opportunities and avoid IRS fines, fees and penalties. Tom Dunn CPA specializes in helping small business owners, taking a proactive approach to maximize efficiency and cost savings.

He applies proactive processes to minimize lost opportunities and to create efficient administrative structure with great attention to detail to make sure non-compliance costs and fees are avoided. Other cost saving measures are realized by examining vendor contracts and continuous comparisons along with delivering accurate and timely reporting, so you know exactly what is happening with all aspects of your business so you can make fact based critical business decisions.

“Now is the time to get caught up and get prepared to file your taxes for 2012, this usually leads to tax savings but also brings the small business owner piece of mind”, said Tom Dunn President of Tom Dunn CPA Firm

The goal is to net our clients more savings from my services then they cost. In fact, often, the true savings is many times greater. I Achieves this through…..

– A Tailor-made Small Business Proactive Process
– Avoiding Non-Compliance Costs & Fees
– Uncovering Cost Savings
– Using Honest, Tax Saving Strategies
– Achieving Greater Efficiency Through Best Practices
– Applying Proactive Processes To Minimize Lost Opportunities
– Examination Of Vendor Contracts And Comparisons
– An Efficient Administrative Structure And Attention to Detail
– Accurate And Timely Reporting

Our mission at Tom Dunn CPA Firm is to provide business owners affordable proactive accounting and tax services solutions that increase your net worth, improve profitability, simplify and clarify accounting, tax and administrative functions and best of all, bring you peace of mind For more information contact:

Mr. Tom Dunn CPA
Tom Dunn CPA Firm


Posted on Thursday, October 04, 2012 11:08 AM