Midsized Companies

Tom DunnThe transition into a Medium/Midsized Company is an extremely daunting task.  You are forced to rapidly increase expenditures, personnel, and core business assets.  The whole time you are focused on the functionality of the business the burden of reporting and taxes increases exponentially.

This is where Tom Dunn CPA Firm comes to the rescue.  We can help transition your Medium/Midsized Company into a fully staffed accounting/tax department or just fill in the gaps until you can place the right people in such crucial jobs.

Midsized Company Services

In addition, we are AFFORDABLE!  Tom Dunn CPA firm has not won awards year after year by overpricing or under-delivering on bookkeeping, payroll, tax, or CFO services.  We try to help everyone regardless of your identity, income, or situation.  So give us a call and let us show you what real experience can do for you.

Remember when you demand experience but do not want to pay an overpriced firm, with the huge office in the middle of the most expensive business district in town, then call Tom Dunn CPA at 314-500-1200.

Once a client of Tom Dunn CPA Firm you will:

  • No longer worry about completing your business payroll on time
  • No longer worry about all the bookkeeping
  • No longer worry about not being able to do your taxes
  • No longer worry about difficult technical financial decisions

because you now have an experienced support team ready to help you on these subjects and much more.


CALL TODAY 314-500-1200 for your no cost, no obligation meeting!


I’ve made some good decisions when starting my business. And I’ve make some bad decisions. Bringing Tom on board allowed me to minimize missteps, build the business efficiently, and build infrastructure and sales much more rapidly than doing it on my own. Tom is a great sounding board for my ideas and offers innovative ideas of his own to help direct me. He’s wonderful with the accounting but even more masterful as a small business consultant. I offer my full endorsement and would be happy to discuss this with anyone considering his services.

 –Ron BorgschultePartners in Medicine


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