Tom DunnTom Dunn CPA Firm understands, through heavy experience, the different burdens that can arise from a family’s financial situation.

Whether you can barely afford the house over your head or you just inherited a $20 million dollar Trust, we have the experience to help you move forward with confidence.

We will sit down with you and develop strategies to ensure financial success for generations to come.


We analyze, manage, and track the accounting for:

  • Multiple Sources of Income
  • All Expenses (will pay them for you upon authorization)
  • Financial Investment Portfolios
  • Property Portfolios
  • Tax – Federal, State, and International
  • Family Expenses
  • Family Financial Statements

Family Bookkeeping

It is one of the most important and burdensome tasks for the financial success of your family.  The work piles up quickly and if not done perfectly, ruins your budgeting, tax situation, and everything else down the line that needs accurate data.

Our family bookkeeping services track all transactions coming and going through all of your accounts.  You are provided with a summary of your account balances and much more in your weekly meeting with Tom Dunn CPA.

Do not trust your family bookkeeping to just any accountant.  Trust someone with experience and a proven track record.  Contact us today for a free no obligation sit down meeting with Tom Dunn CPA.

Family Tax Accountant

Tax is a complicated and intimidating.  Add in the fact that if done improperly you pay ridiculous fines and penalties.  No wonder so many families end up not filing for years or over paying their tax obligations.

Family tax is crucial to a healthy financial situation whether you are a multi-millionaire or heavily in debt.  You need Tom Dunn CPA to sit down and discuss your family’s tax plan.  The best part is that meeting is completely free with no obligations or costs of any kind.

Family Trust Accounting

We are familiar with the different kinds of Trusts and their details.  We can handle the family bookkeeping, reporting, tax filings, and any customer actions you need taken to keep all parties involved in the Trust happy.

Trying to handle all of the needed accounting activities in house can lead to major problems with parties in the Trust and outside entities.  Let us take the burden off of you and ensure the independent faith in proper upkeep of the Trust’s financial situation for all members of the Trust.


CALL TODAY 314-500-1200 for your no cost, no obligation meeting!


Tom has handled my personal and business finances for 1 ½ years and it is a beautiful marriage. We meet once a week and I feel good about my finances and where I am financially. He has given me peace of mind. I can finally sleep at night!

He is professional and detail-oriented. He does not cut corners and he does not fudge the numbers. He does a great job for the small business owner for a very reasonable fee.

As an added bonus, he has attorneys in his office that can help with any legal documents you need for your business or personal needs for a reduced fee. It’s a one stop shop.

-Lisa M.Ebay business

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